So this is spring?

Mulch grinding and coloring season 2014 is here!  The deep freeze is over, yeah.

April!  We are safe at last.   But wait, the New Jersey weather is 50 high 30 low for the next few days?

So much for safe.  Repeat after me…

“Spring will be here to stay soon”

“Spring will be here to stay soon”

“Spring will be here to stay soon”

We have moved!

If you knew our old Oxford NJ location you will recognize just how big an improvement our new Port Murray facility is for us.  The address is on the homepage of the site.

Here is a link to us on Google Maps:


Joanne visits Brent


Beginning to put together block and paver testing area.


View of 92 Thomas Road


Brent at compression machine.


Warehouse, a work in progress.


Mulch Season!

Mulch season is here and everyone is grinding and coloring.   Faltech is supplying mulch producers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York with high quality black, brown and red liquid mulch pigment in tote tanks and drums.

Our local customers will soon be seeing our new (to us) flatbed delivery truck starting in April.  We can now deliver 6 totes at a time.

This March we had the pleasure of meeting Royce Farmwald, Owner of Color Critter granular mulch dye machine company.  His machine was demo’ed dispensing our granular black (and I believe subsequently sold) in Glen Gardner NJ.  It is a sweet little dye machine!

<video deleted from youtube>

If you are a mulch producer that colors mulch, or would like to be, please call us at 908-453-3050 and ask for Brent, Denis, or John.

A customer in Florida liquefies his own color from powder pigment and our special pigment dispersion and sticking agent.  The photo below is his dispenser.  You need extra labor and equipment to do it this way but you enjoy the savings of using raw powder pigment instead of granulated or liquid pigment.   If you are interested just call.

DIY Liquid Mulch Dye