About Us

Contact Information:

Faltech Industries, Inc.
92 Thomas Road
P.O. Box 215
Port Murray NJ 07865 USA
Phone: 908-453-3050
Fax: 908-453-3050

email: info@faltechusa.com

Faltech Industries is located in Port Murray New Jersey.  If you are traveling near Port Murray or Hackettstown please contact us and arrange a visit to the new facility.

Port Murray is in Warren County New Jersey in the Northwest part of the state.  We sell mulch and concrete pigment (colorants) to customers in the lower 48 and Canada.

Concrete pigment is primarily iron oxide in granular form.  We handle quality Cathay pigment from our Port Murray warehouse and locations serving the United States.

Mulch colorants are primarily liquid dispersions packaged in totes and drums.  There are granular black and red colorants available for producers with granular pigment systems like the Color Critter.

Key Personnel:

John Bloodgood, Sales
Denis Bell, Operations
Brent Rymon, Tech Support